August Make-up sessions

Club Officers! here are your last opportunities for Club Officer make-ups this summer:


Sat. Aug. 13th 0930-1130am
Location: Branson Christian Church
213 South Commercial Street Branson, Missouri 65616 United States
Please RSVP– Rebecca Baker 978-828-8265


Division T Make-Up Officer Training
Tue, August 30, 7pm – 9pm
Location: Lawrence Public Library, 707 Vermont St, Lawrence, KS 66044, USA (map)

Kansas City:

Divisons L, K, E and R Joint Make-Up Officer Training
Sat, August 13, 9am – 11am
Location: Research Medical Center Brookside Campus, 6601 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO 64131, USA (map)
Meet in Physicians Lounge, training for all club offices

Divisons L, K, E and R Joint Make-Up Officer Training
Wed, August 24, 6pm – 8pm
Location: Mid-America Resource Council 600 Broadway Blvd #200, Kansas City, MO 64105 (map)
Training for all club offices

Overland Park:

Location: 10990 Roe Ave (YRC Freight) – Park in visitor parking right off of Roe.
All sessions 12:00 – 1:00pm

Monday, August 15:  VPM and SEC

Monday, August 22:  President and Treas

Monday, August 29:  Catch-all sessions


More info here:

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Club Officer training lessons

We have had many great questions during our summer officer training sessions, so we thought it might be useful to put some links out on the blog to help answer the questions that came up this season.

We’ve had a couple of questions on the Moments of Truth module. As part of The Successful Club Series, Moments of Truth helps us recognize and deal with situations critical to club success, and serves as an important club self-evaluation tool. The download includes a club evaluation chart, outline and PowerPoint presentation. (click here for the wall chart)

You hopefully already have a Club Leadership Handbook. But if not, you can download in in pdf format today!

Same with the Club Success Plan (and Distinguished Club Program), available in pdf as well.

The Better Speaker Series (download the Zip File)

Leadership Central – TI site with links to multiple sources of additional wisdom

District 22 Blog – (where you are now) good to subscribe and keep up with what is going on:

District 22 Website – includes the calendar of events and additional information, including contact information for Area/Division Directors. sites

–          Speech Contest Rulebook – (available as a digital file)
–          Education Program FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) –
–          Speech Contest FAQ –
–          Member Achievement Record (pretty cool tool for members) –

Where do I ask questions?

Questions about the education system –
Questions about contests (including eligibility) –
Questions about membership –


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Club Presidents: Time to Assign your Proxy

Assign Your Proxy for the Annual Business Meeting

Toastmasters clubs hold the most important voting power in the organization. This month, club presidents, secretaries and liaisons will receive proxy information via email for the August 2016 Annual Business Meeting. Make sure your club members review, discuss and decide how their vote should be cast for the international officer and director candidates and Proposals A and B: Amendments to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International.

From the Toastmasters Leader Letter

The TI Proxy FAQ

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D22 AD-DD Training 2016

D22Team2016-2017The 2016-2017 District team held their training on July 23, 2016. Over 40 members of the team attended and participated in the event, focused on continuing outstanding support to the 2000+ members of 118 clubs across Kansas and Western Missouri.

District Director, Sharon Horgan, led an all-star cast of presenters focusing on Successful Club Visits, Team Building, Quality Contests and more to help prepare our new cadre of Area and Division Directors for their roles this year.

One request from the training was links to resources for the team to have handy, so the remainder of this post is those links:

District Leader Tools

Dashboard for D22

District Leadership Handbook (like in your AD/DD packet, but in PDF form)
District Recognition Program  (like in your AD/DD packet, but in PDF form)
Serving Clubs Through Visits – A guide for Area Directors

Information on Pathways (was REP)

Club Leadership Handbook

District 22 Blog – (where you are now) good to subscribe and keep up with what is going on:

District 22 Website – includes the calendar of events and additional information sites

–          Speech Contest Rulebook – (available as a digital file)
–          DCP and Club Success Plan
–          Education Program FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) –
–          Speech Contest FAQ –
–          Member Achievement Record (pretty cool tool for members) –

Where do I ask questions?

Questions about the education system –
Questions about contests (including eligibility) –
Questions about membership –


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Toastmasters Education Program news

Editors note: This FAQ has been updated here.

District 22,

Just this week, Toastmasters International held a webinar for their Chief Ambassadors and District Trios around the world in preparation for the 2017 roll-out of the new educational program. Rather than drone on about the news, I’ve formatted this in an FAQ format for easier consumption.

Is it still called the REP?

No. Revitalized Education Program (REP) was the name of the project to bring us our new education program. The new name is the Toastmasters Pathways Learning Experience.

When will District 22 get the new program?

We’re slated for the second half of 2017, which is over a year from now. As part of Region 3, we’re in the second to last group to get the new program, which means this will be well vetted by more than 60 other districts globally before we roll it out.

Do I have to do it all on-line?

No. The entire program will be available on-line, but you will have options for using printed materials. In the pilot some of us participated in, it was very easy to print out evaluation sheets for use in the club.

Should I keep working on my CC (or other award)?

Yes. All awards received will remain valid, and any awards in work through 2019 (possibly through June 2020) can still be submitted for credit and will be recognized as they are today. Also, club officer roles, district service, and club support (sponsoring, mentoring or coaching) credit will be applicable in the new paths.
Update 8/1: TI HQ has confirmed that club officer roles, district service, and club support completed before the new system rolls out can be applied in the Pathways program (as long as they were not submitted for an award in the current program).

Will my CC translate to a new path?

On the flip side of the previous question, no. A DTM will still be a DTM, but a CC/ACB etc. will not translate to a new path award. However, the skills you learn will still apply, and will make your progress in the new system easier.

How do I get a DTM in the new program?

Complete 2 learning paths (~14 projects each)

One year as a Club Officer (could be 2 six month terms)

Serve as a Club Mentor of Coach

Serve as Club Sponsor, or conduct a Speechcraft or Youth Leadership Program

One year as a District Officer

Complete a Capstone DTM project

What is a learning path?

Each member will take an assessment which will help determine which path will best help you reach your goals. For instance, as a Project Manager the assessment (I helped with the pilot) directed me toward Persuasive Influence or Team Collaboration. Each path contains 14 projects across 5 levels. each level has 2-3 projects, and in levels 3-5 there are electives to choose from so you can customize the more advanced topics.

Do I have to follow the path I’m recommended to follow?

No, your path is your path. The recommendation is there to help you get the most out of the program, but it’s still your program.

What are the 10 paths?

  1. Motivational Strategies
  2. Presentation Mastery
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Innovative Planning
  5. Visionary Communication
  6. Strategic Relationships
  7. Dynamic Leadership
  8. Persuasive Influence
  9. Effective Coaching
  10. Team Collaboration

How will TI help us with the transition?

  1. Additional training timed 60 days prior to the roll-out
  2. Pathway Guides (new name for Ambassadors) to provide club support
  3. Information on the TI website and Toastmasters Magazine throughout the process

How will the DCP (Distinguished Club Program) translate?

  1. Two CCs    –    Four Level 1s (3 projects each)
  2. Two more CCs     –     Two Level 2s
  3. One AC     –     Two more Level 2s
  4. One more AC     –     Two Level 3s
  5. One CL/AL/DTM    –    One Level 4
  6. One more CL/AL/DTM    –    One Level 5

Is there more info?

Yes, there will be an article in this month’s Toastmasters Magazine. And I’ll post more information in the blog and on the FaceBook page.

Editors note: This FAQ has been updated here.

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Club Election time!

Quick timeline:

May – hold club elections – input the results into the TI website
June/July – Attend TLI (Toastmasters Leadership Institute) – for officer and additional leadership training.

TLI Dates in District 22

11 June 2016 – Springfield
25 June 2016 – Kansas City (Overland Park)
27 June 2016 – Kansas City (Liberty)
30 Jun 2016 – Topeka
9 Jul 2016 – Wichita
16 Jul 2016 – Salina

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A First Timers Conference Experience

And there I was on the morning of April 30th 2016. I stepped in to the room for my first ever Toastmasters conference, just on time. I gaze to my right and I recognize Patricia Fripp at the water station getting ready to go on. Respectfully I pretend that I do not notice her and swiftly settled into my seat. When she came on I was charmed by her confidence. It was undeniable that her modest eminence and petite frame were no indication whatsoever to the magnitude of her stage presence. She worked the room and commanded attention while imparting her techniques on doing just that. We received specific advice from a highly reputable and respected speech coach at a fraction of her normal cost. She explained logical ideas for structuring speeches that was easy to understand. I thought to myself, “This is what everyone in Toastmasters needs to know.” I am now eager to use these techniques into my upcoming speeches, as well as passing on what I have learned through my evaluations and mentorships. In fact, if you were in attendance, you may have noticed that I have already used one of my newly acquired ‘Frippicizms’ at the start of this blog.

As I mentioned previously, this was my first conference therefore I had diminishing expectations coming into it. The bar has now been set at elevated levels for the next conference which I am already highly anticipating. In my opinion this conference was wonderful in the way that it illustrated District 22. In addition to Patricia’s exquisite keynote, Crystal Allbritton gave us a superb keynote speech on Friday night. Crystal represents the leadership qualities of what every Toastmaster should be seeking. Coming from a military background, the experiences she related to us were very effective, meaningful and motivating.

I want to thank everyone who made the spring conference a huge success this year. A special thanks to the trio members and to Kim Myers for delivering Patricia Fripp to us. A great big thank you goes out to all of this year’s District Executive Council members, as well as all the incoming district leaders appointed at the annual business meeting. Finally, thank you to everyone who presented at the conference from the speakers, speech contestants, contest chairs, and all of the supporting roles.

“Life is a series of sales situations, and the answer is no if you don’t ask.” –A quote by Patricia Fripp sharing some of her secrets of sales presentations.


David Farmer CC, ALB

David is the Area Director for Distinguished Area L35.

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10 Reasons to Attend the Spring Conference

As the conference draws near is it time to remind everyone that the conference registration prices will increase on April 9th.   The conference registration is

Eventbrite Registration Link  If you do not want to use paypal or credit card, select the invoice me option. We will contact you, but you still owe the Paypal fees – sorry.

Now for the top 10 Reasons to Attend the Spring Conference – adapted from 10 Reasons by Jenny Billot, ACS, ALB

10. It is good for you.
You joined Toastmasters for a reason, to ramp up your communication and leadership skills..

9. It is an opportunity to network.
When you attend the conference, you meet Toastmasters from the district.

8. It is your chance to learn from the best.
Youi will have the opportunity to learn, first hand, how your fellow Toastmasters arrived at where they are now. Learn to grow as a leader from Crystal Allbritton, DTM, our current International Director.

7. You can make a difference.
Commit to attending the contests and bring a fellow Toastmaster who has never attended a conference or bring your spouse to share your passion. You can open up a new experience for them.

6. It promotes personal growth.
Taking charge of your personal growth is the key to success. When you attend the ED and LED session, you will find an opportunity to learn and grow, which will help you succeed.

5. You will get to learn from Patricia Fripp!
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE and Hall of Fame Speaker, is a internationally recognized speaker, author and educator. She the speech coach to many of the Toastmaster World Champions. There is nothing like learning about specificity from Fripp.

4. It is a close to home and you already know other members attending.
It is at the Doubletree Hilton Overland Park. Come support your members and speech contestants.

3. You find out why the words ‘play dough’ and ‘microwaves’ should never be used in the same sentence.
Okay, maybe you will not find that out at the conference, but trust me, but they could be the table topics topics. Come see the best speakers in the district compete in the Table Topics and International Speech Contests.

2. You may talk to a new Distinguished Toastmaster and find your journey envgiorated.
We recognize the newest Distinguished Toastmasters in the district. Find out how they accomplished the pinnacle of Toastmasters awards.

1. It is all about the District Council Meeting.
I know, we get to elect our new District Leadership, vote for club alignment, and yes, learn all about parliamentary procedure.

Fripp Video


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We miss you – Spring 2016

Are some friends missing from your club meeting? Maybe they had a reason not to renew last October. If you miss them, why not give them a call. Give them a call and tell them, “We miss you”. A personal extension in the form of a call will mean more to them than a simple e-mail or facebook post.

As you know, your Toastmasters club grows strong one member at a time. Sometimes, a person drops out of a club and they think, “it doesn’t matter, no one will notice”. Truth is, we all feel it and many of us notice every member in our club. When someone doesn’t show up and no one reaches out to say something, they may think, “That’s ok. I guess Toastmasters is not for me.”

But you know that is not true.

What do you say on the phone to a member who didn’t renew? You can ask them why they came to Toastmasters in the first place, and what they learned in your club. Did it made a difference in their life? Did it made a difference in how they communicate at home? Are there still areas where they want to grow where communication and leadership skills developed in Toastmasters can assist? Then, you can listen. Hear them. That will make a difference in one person’s life.

Just think…how powerful can three words be to a friend that hasn’t attended a recent Toastmasters Meeting? When they are the right three words, like “We miss you”, they can make all the difference in the world.

There are three critical times that these heartfelt words can help define the success of your club and its members:

Toastmaster of the week – When you are filling those roles the week before your meeting, you will normally find yourself talking to someone who may have missed a meeting or two. Taking that opportunity to say “We miss you…I hope you can attend and serve as General Evaluator” (for example) can help to remind them that they are valued members of the club, and that you noticed their absence.

Vice President Membership – Any member that misses three meetings in a row should get a call (not e-mail) from their VP Membership. By saying “We miss you” combined with a reminder that we look forward to helping them achieve their goals can help remind them of why they joined in the first place and hopefully get them coming again.

Club President – Members have a plethora of reasons for why they leave the club. But remember, those reasons can (and do) change after they leave the club. That kid’s soccer practice that conflicted with the meeting could have changed days, people with college class conflicts graduate, and other life events change. Every club president should look at the non-renewals from the last dues period and call each member that didn’t renew. Find out if their reason for leaving still outweighs the reasons to come back.

Saying ” We miss you” could be the catalyst to get a friend back on track. And if the conflict is still there, don’t be afraid to offer alternatives. There could be an open club that meets a block away the next night. Don’t underestimate the personal connection you have made to your fellow members, and the connection they have made to you and your club.

Remind them that you are glad to see them, and when you don’t see them remember to say “We miss you”


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Area Director Visits – Spring 2016

As an Area Director, one of your goals is to make a minimum of 2 visits per year to each club in your area. We’re at the point in this year where you should be scheduling your spring visits (Feb – Apr). Along with offering your support and discussing successful club trends, there are a couple of additional things we’d like to invite you to consider for this coming visit:

1. Offer to give a presentation during your visit. Give the club a few weeks notice and 3 choices of topic. Plan to offer a 5-7 or 8-10 minute speech, and make sure you stick to what they request. For your 3 topic choices, consider the following list (tailored for your own experience):
Evaluate to Motivate (Successful Club Series)
Finding New Members for Your Club (Successful Club Series)
Setting the Stage for Success: Meeting Roles and Responsibilities (Successful Club Series)
Closing the Sale (Successful Club Series)
Know your Audience (Better Speaker Series)
Goal Setting and Planning (Leadership Excellence Series)
An advanced manual speech on a TM topic you’re comfortable with

2. Mention coming district events: Area contest, Division contest and District Conference. Bring dates and location information (check the link). Don’t plan to just mention the website, be ready to give directions from their current location. Also! Show them the District 22 Calendar.

3. Remember, you are the District. If a club says “We wish the district would do <insert idea>.” Remember your first thought is, how could I do that? Sure, you may need help to make something happen. I only mention this because we see visit reports that say something like “The club would like a visit from the District” or “They would like the District to help with their club contest.” Both of those are you. Find out the specifics, i.e. “The club has asked for our support at their next contest. I’ve volunteered to be a judge and I’m looking for two others to do the same.”

Being a district officer is both challenging and rewarding. Take these visit opportunities to help make a positive impressions in your clubs, and to let them know that the district support team cares. We do, you do, and they should know it. Together we can continue #HelpingTheMember.

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