Marketing Incentives

As a member, a part of the team, you may ask: What’s in it for me if I participate as a team member? Fellow Toastmasters, District 22 is prepared to offer several incentives throughout the 2015-16 year. The following are a sample of some of the incentives:

  • For individuals and/or clubs we are offering BINGO for both halves of the year (July 1 – December 31, 2015 and January 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016). The BINGO cards are available on this site  under “Downloads”, Incentives. They are named in honor of District Director April’s emblem, the Ninja. Their titles are Ninja Ichi (Ninja One) and Ninja Ni (Ninja Two). You will find as you play these games that the opportunities are growing experiences for you.
  • For individuals we are offering sponsor and mentor pins when they accept that responsibility. Identified coaches will receive a magnetic name badge.
  • For individuals we will offer a “Spirit Award” as the occasion presents itself.
  • For individuals we will offer an incentive for a New Club Lead that charters.
  • For clubs we are offering the 3-2-1 dues renewal incentive again for both halves of the year.
  • For clubs we will provide a “District 22 DCP Club Success Plan” gold ribbon to display during your meetings.
  • For newly chartered clubs we will offer a personalized Club Banner.
  • For Area Directors we are offering a TM messenger bag to the first AD in their respective division to submit all of their AD Visit Reports for both halves of the year.
  • For working the TI-initiated membership building contests (below) there are many advantages to working these contests, not the least of which is adding value to your club with new members bringing new insight, enthusiasm, knowledge as well as  their circle of potential new members.




Build membership in

your club

Toastmasters conducts several membership building club contests throughout the year:

  • The “Smedley Award” (August 1 thru September 30)
  • “Talk Up Toastmasters!” (February 1 thru March 31)
  • “Beat the Clock” (May 1 thru June 30)
  • Individual Contest (July 1 to June 30) – Make sure your name and home club number appear legibly on the new, dual or reinstated member’s application to receive credit for sponsoring five, ten and 15 members.
For each club add five (5) new, reinstated or dual members to the club roster during each of the contest periods.
  • For the “Smedley Award”. “Talk Up Toastmasters” or “Beat the Clock” membership campaigns your club will qualify to receive a ribbon to display on its banner. In addition to the ribbon, qualifying clubs earn a special discount code for 10% off their next club order.
  • For the Individual Contest you will qualify to receive a pin for sponsoring five or ten new members. As a sponsor of 15 new members you will qualify to receive a special discount code for 25% off your next product purchase from Toastmasters International
    World Headquarters.
  • Completing any of these contests will contribute to the membership growth objectives in the DCP program.
  • Don’t forget the opportunities for
    Competent Leadership Manual credit projects, 6, 8 and 10 for your Membership Campaign efforts.

Build new clubs

Start a club in your company, your place of worship, your service group or your community.

No club loss, plus add ten (10) clubs to the district

  • If you sponsor a club you get credit toward your ACS when the club charters.
  • If you coach a club you get credit toward your ACS six months after chartering.

Retain current members

Submit ALL member dues by October 10 and April 10.

Submit ALL member dues by October 10 and April 10.

Credit toward goal 10 of the Distinguished Club Program.

Maintain a quality

club experience

Hold meetings and events that attract new members and keep current members active and engaged.

Submit all Area Director Visit reports by November 30 and May 31.

Credit toward being recognized as a Distinguished Area.

Help struggling clubs

grow and thrive

Become a club coach for a club with less than 12 members or implement a Club Fitness program for clubs with less than 20 members.

  • Help clubs with fewer than eight (8) members reach the minimum of eight (8) members.
  • Help clubs with less than 20 members reach 20 members.
If you serve as a club coach successfully you receive credit toward your ACS. “Successfully” means that the club achieves Distinguished status within two (2) years.