Talk Up Toastmasters 2017

Starting February 1st, the Toastmasters International Talk Up Toastmasters membership drive begins and runs through March 30th.

Now that the glossy sheen of New Year’s resolutions are firmly behind us, February and March can feel a bit challenging for bringing in guests and new members. Not only are we are in the Talk Up Toastmasters membership drive, we’re also gearing up to complete our Semi-Annual Dues renewal process by the end of March (April 1st deadline).

Is your club bringing in guests and introducing them to the advantages of Toastmasters?

Here are some ideas for getting folks through the door:

Special meetings: Hold “featured topic” meetings for an open house, and publicize it. The name of the speaker is not critical, but the topic should be something that would attract guests. Some examples include, “Professional use of online social media”, “Impress your boss: how to give a status report in 2 minutes or less”, “10 crazy interview questions and how to answer them”, “How to handle your next performance appraisal”, or anything that would resonate with your current and prospective corporate or community audience. The trick here is that your club already has folks that can give these presentations, they just need the encouragement (or maybe just the opportunity). Also, it doesn’t have to be a solo effort. The social media topic could have three 5-7 minute speakers, one for Facebook, one for LinkedIn, and one for Podcasting. Endless Possibilities! Leave us a comment with your ideas!

Publicize in your company newsletter or e-mail blast: Marathon Masters at YRC Freight did this last month and had 5 guests at their open house from that one e-mail. Find out who publishes these at your company or community location, and ask them to put a few lines in there for your club.

Hold a Speechcraft: When your club plans a Speechcraft workshop, you are planning for new members. Speechcraft can serve as the introductory or trial offer for those who need Toastmasters but are reluctant to commit themselves. The Speechcraft Starter Kit (Item 205) contains all the necessary materials for starting and publicizing this speech training workshop, which can be presented during club meetings or as an outside-the-club seminar. How do you turn Speechcraft participants into members? Make them welcome in your meetings. Most important of all, before completing the last session of the Speechcraft, talk with participants and ask them to become members of your club. For more information on Speechcraft, go to

Here’s the TI flyer for Speechcrafts that you can download and customize.

Here are some more ideas from TI’s website. And here’s the book on Membership Growth.

Look here for 10 Reasons you should Join Toastmasters.

Also, and as we move into Dues renewal season in March, don’t forget this D22 incentive: *Club renews at least 8 members by April 1

Entry into drawing for $25 certificate to district store – 7 clubs will win

Good luck with your next Membership Drive, and don’t forget to always Talk Up Toastmasters!

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