Pathways update – December 2016

pathwaysblogpicIn December, we received some new updates to the Pathways rollout plan. This FAQ only covers new information. Information from previous FAQs can be found at this link.

Have the dates for the 2017 rollout changed?

Nope. Right now TI staff is continuing internal testing of Base Camp. In January we’ll be participating in a limited beta test for the Learning Management System (LMS) with a few members here in D22.

Do we have firm dates for the rollout here in D22?

Not yet. The first district (D57 in California) is due to get Pathways in February. After the first 3 districts are on board, and the next region rollouts begin, we should see a more firm schedule. We should have some better details in time for the Spring 2017 conference.

I also received some answers to questions members have asked me, and other Chief Ambassadors:

Will I have to store my evaluations on-line?

No. The option will be there but it is not required.

Can I change paths after I start?

Yes. As I understood it you can change paths during Level 1 or before completing Level 2.

Can I skip ahead to the next level in my path?

No. You’ll have to complete the skills in one level before you begin using them and learing new skills in the next level.

How long do I have to complete my path?

Toastmasters Pathways is a self-paced program. You are not required to complete your path in a specific amount of time. Move at your own pace to achieve your communication and leadership goals. Your path never expires.

How will members of multiple clubs use Base Camp?

You will assigne a “home club” to your profile in Pathways. For members of one club (about 90% of our members) that will be a one-time setting. If you’re also in a second club (i.e and advanced club) then you’ll have to set your home club to the second club before those meetings, and set it back afterwards. From the demo it looked to be an easy setting to change as needed.

Is there an Interpretive Reading project in Pathways?

From TI (just this week): Pathways does not have interpretive reading projects at this time. However; projects can be adapted to include interpretive reading.

Do I have to stop any work in the existing program if I want to start a new path in Pathways?

No. You can work in both programs simultaneously during the 2-year transition period. However, the materials for the current program can’t be used for Pathways projects, and the Pathways materials can’t be used for the current program.

What are the benefits of experiencing Pathways on Base Camp vs printed materials?

Base Camp gives you a more robust learning experience. You can access your path online from anywhere with an internet connection, choose from all ten available paths, watch videos, complete activities and quizzes, download printable versions of your projects and resources, store your speech evaluations, give feedback to members of your club and earn badges.

Printed materials are shipped from Toastmasters International World Headquarters. You have less path options and cannot view the videos or complete the activities and quizzes on your path. You can log in to Base Camp to see your path completion badges, print certificates and download and print resources.


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3 Responses to Pathways update – December 2016

  1. I’m a member of 5 clubs. I do not understand changing my home club before the meeting… Can you explain this?

    • Hi,

      thanks for the question. I don’t have specifics on how that will work just yet, but essentially once you log into, there will be a setting where you select your home club. For members in a single club, they won’t mess with that feature. For those of us in multiple clubs you’ll have to log in to get your project anyway, so it should be a simple process to make the change. Have you ever logged into club central while being an officer in multiple clubs? I’d imaging it will be like selecting a club there. Once I have screenshots, I’ll publish it here on the blog.

      • Thanks, then it seems the project I’m working on will be for the club I select as my home club for DCP credit. Instead of finishing the educational then deciding which club needs that credit point.

        I’m looking forward to getting into the new format. Hopefully this spring my district will receive it.

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