2016 Fall Conference LEADin


We invite you to join us for a day of camaraderie, competition, learning, laughter and inspiration at the District 22 Fall Conference on Saturday, October 22, 2016 at the Ball Conference Center in Olathe. Bring family, bring friends. Bring your club banner.
Come network with fellow Toastmasters from all over District 22, reconnect with friends, and meet new ones. Especially if you are a newer member or a first-time conference attendee, what better opportunity to meet so many fellow Toastmasters at once?
The humorous and evaluation speech contest winners from each division will be competing in the district contests. You’ll have the opportunity to hear great speakers from every division, and cheer on your own division’s contest winners. You can pick up some tips for your own speaking by listening to the evaluations, plus be entertained by the humorous speeches.
The conference theme is LEAD: listen, encourage, appreciate and direct vision. Speakers from around the district will enlighten us on each of these topics during the keynote sessions.
• Appreciative people are happier, healthier and wealthier. You can be one too! Join Springfield Toastmasters’ Uptown Talk member, LaDonna Greiner, as she shares her journey from sudden job loss to author, motivational speaker and coach. Expressing appreciation can transform your life, personally and professionally.

• Maslyn Prosper-Mayberry, CC, ALB, Manhattan Toastmasters: Leader, Mentor, Encourager. Empowering women to live an abundant life; not only for their families, but for themselves. It is imperative to ‘mask ourselves first’ so we can be around to mask others! Living a colourful life gives me a positive return on my investment.

• Eric Fors, II from Jack’s Springfield Speak-EZ, Springfield: As a military dependent and then a missionary kid, Eric was raised in a cross-cultural environment across the US and in the Philippines. The rapid changes in where he lived and attended school obliged him to learn to communicate in a wide variety of contexts starting at a young age. After Eric left college, he joined the US Army and learned his third language, traveled and used foreign language skills to communicate again across cultures. As an IT auditor, working between Information Technology and Accounting professions still provides the challenge of communicating with people who are listening to him from a different context from his own.

• Mary Nord, ACG, ALB from Energizing Voices, Pro-MO and A Taste of Success, Kansas City: It is said an eagle can spot a rabbit from 2 miles away, now that’s direct vision!
Please join Mary Nord a veteran Toastmaster and this year’s Division R Director. Find solutions to direct your own vision for accomplishing an end result you didn’t know was possible.
Please make sure your club is represented at the district council meeting so that we have a quorum to conduct business. If you are a Club President or VP-Education, you are a voting member of the District Council, or you can appoint a club member to carry your proxy. Registration is not required for this meeting — or for the Hall of Fame where we will honor the leaders and outstanding clubs of 2015-16
DEC members should note that the DEC meeting conveniently takes place right before the conference begins, so plan to arrive early and be a part of that meeting.
A lunch buffet with vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options will be available. During lunch, we will hear from the 2016 recipient of the Communication and Leadership Award, Bruce Matthews. Bruce Mathews is a professional photographer, author and publisher. His books, which are intended to give a unique perspective on the history of Kansas City, include Elmwood Cemetery: Stories of Kansas City; The Kansas City Spirit: Stories of Service Above Self; Kansas City’s Historic Union Cemetery: Lessons for the Future, from the Garden of Time, Windows of Kansas City: As Art, History and Inspiration; and Kansas City: Our Collective Memories.
Register through Eventbrite for your ticket today! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/district-22-fall-conference-tickets-27292725276
First timers can pay $79 through Oct. 13.  All others, your cost is $84.  Be sure to register before then so you can have lunch with us. Walk-in registration will be available at the door the day of the conference, with only cash and checks accepted.
We look forward to seeing you in Olathe!

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