2016 Fall Contests

D22 Team! Here is a breakdown of the contests scheduled to date (completed contests are listed at the bottom). For the up-to-date schedule, look at the calendar page on our D22 website!

Winners from our 7 division contests will be competing at the District 22 Conference and Contests! Sign up now!

Already Completed
Division T (September 10th)
Division A (September 17th)
Division L (September 22nd)
Division K (September 20th)
Division E (September 17th)
Division R (September 29th)
Division S (September 24th)

Area T11 (Aug 22) & Areas T12, T13, and T14 (Aug 27)
Area A21 and A24 (Aug 24), Area 22 (Aug 25), & Area A23 (Aug 27th)
Area L31, L32, L33 and L34 (September 10th)
Area K41 and K42 (September 18th) & K43 and K44 (September 15th)
Area E52 (September 8th) & E51, E53 and E54 (August 27th)
Area R61 and Area R64 (September 7th), R62 and R63 (september 17th)
Area S71 (September 8th), S72 (september 17th) & Area S73 (September 10th)

Not on the schedule
All contests are scheduled




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