Club Officer training lessons

We have had many great questions during our summer officer training sessions, so we thought it might be useful to put some links out on the blog to help answer the questions that came up this season.

We’ve had a couple of questions on the Moments of Truth module. As part of The Successful Club Series, Moments of Truth helps us recognize and deal with situations critical to club success, and serves as an important club self-evaluation tool. The download includes a club evaluation chart, outline and PowerPoint presentation. (click here for the wall chart)

You hopefully already have a Club Leadership Handbook. But if not, you can download in in pdf format today!

Same with the Club Success Plan (and Distinguished Club Program), available in pdf as well.

The Better Speaker Series (download the Zip File)

Leadership Central – TI site with links to multiple sources of additional wisdom

District 22 Blog – (where you are now) good to subscribe and keep up with what is going on:

District 22 Website – includes the calendar of events and additional information, including contact information for Area/Division Directors. sites

–          Speech Contest Rulebook – (available as a digital file)
–          Education Program FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) –
–          Speech Contest FAQ –
–          Member Achievement Record (pretty cool tool for members) –

Where do I ask questions?

Questions about the education system –
Questions about contests (including eligibility) –
Questions about membership –


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