A First Timers Conference Experience

And there I was on the morning of April 30th 2016. I stepped in to the room for my first ever Toastmasters conference, just on time. I gaze to my right and I recognize Patricia Fripp at the water station getting ready to go on. Respectfully I pretend that I do not notice her and swiftly settled into my seat. When she came on I was charmed by her confidence. It was undeniable that her modest eminence and petite frame were no indication whatsoever to the magnitude of her stage presence. She worked the room and commanded attention while imparting her techniques on doing just that. We received specific advice from a highly reputable and respected speech coach at a fraction of her normal cost. She explained logical ideas for structuring speeches that was easy to understand. I thought to myself, “This is what everyone in Toastmasters needs to know.” I am now eager to use these techniques into my upcoming speeches, as well as passing on what I have learned through my evaluations and mentorships. In fact, if you were in attendance, you may have noticed that I have already used one of my newly acquired ‘Frippicizms’ at the start of this blog.

As I mentioned previously, this was my first conference therefore I had diminishing expectations coming into it. The bar has now been set at elevated levels for the next conference which I am already highly anticipating. In my opinion this conference was wonderful in the way that it illustrated District 22. In addition to Patricia’s exquisite keynote, Crystal Allbritton gave us a superb keynote speech on Friday night. Crystal represents the leadership qualities of what every Toastmaster should be seeking. Coming from a military background, the experiences she related to us were very effective, meaningful and motivating.

I want to thank everyone who made the spring conference a huge success this year. A special thanks to the trio members and to Kim Myers for delivering Patricia Fripp to us. A great big thank you goes out to all of this year’s District Executive Council members, as well as all the incoming district leaders appointed at the annual business meeting. Finally, thank you to everyone who presented at the conference from the speakers, speech contestants, contest chairs, and all of the supporting roles.

“Life is a series of sales situations, and the answer is no if you don’t ask.” –A quote by Patricia Fripp sharing some of her secrets of sales presentations.


David Farmer CC, ALB

David is the Area Director for Distinguished Area L35.

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