10 Reasons to Attend the Spring Conference

As the conference draws near is it time to remind everyone that the conference registration prices will increase on April 9th.   The conference registration is

Eventbrite Registration Link  If you do not want to use paypal or credit card, select the invoice me option. We will contact you, but you still owe the Paypal fees – sorry.

Now for the top 10 Reasons to Attend the Spring Conference – adapted from 10 Reasons by Jenny Billot, ACS, ALB

10. It is good for you.
You joined Toastmasters for a reason, to ramp up your communication and leadership skills..

9. It is an opportunity to network.
When you attend the conference, you meet Toastmasters from the district.

8. It is your chance to learn from the best.
Youi will have the opportunity to learn, first hand, how your fellow Toastmasters arrived at where they are now. Learn to grow as a leader from Crystal Allbritton, DTM, our current International Director.

7. You can make a difference.
Commit to attending the contests and bring a fellow Toastmaster who has never attended a conference or bring your spouse to share your passion. You can open up a new experience for them.

6. It promotes personal growth.
Taking charge of your personal growth is the key to success. When you attend the ED and LED session, you will find an opportunity to learn and grow, which will help you succeed.

5. You will get to learn from Patricia Fripp!
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE and Hall of Fame Speaker, is a internationally recognized speaker, author and educator. She the speech coach to many of the Toastmaster World Champions. There is nothing like learning about specificity from Fripp.

4. It is a close to home and you already know other members attending.
It is at the Doubletree Hilton Overland Park. Come support your members and speech contestants.

3. You find out why the words ‘play dough’ and ‘microwaves’ should never be used in the same sentence.
Okay, maybe you will not find that out at the conference, but trust me, but they could be the table topics topics. Come see the best speakers in the district compete in the Table Topics and International Speech Contests.

2. You may talk to a new Distinguished Toastmaster and find your journey envgiorated.
We recognize the newest Distinguished Toastmasters in the district. Find out how they accomplished the pinnacle of Toastmasters awards.

1. It is all about the District Council Meeting.
I know, we get to elect our new District Leadership, vote for club alignment, and yes, learn all about parliamentary procedure.

Fripp Video



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