Lead Anyway – KC Metro TLI

Rich Hopkins rocked it at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute (TLI) in Kansas City Missouri today. In his keynote session, Lead Anyway, Rich spoke about how we are all leaders and especially not to discount the effect we can have on other people – whether we know it or not.

In a story he told about a recent World Champion of Public Speaking (WCPS) winner, Rich had never met that person as a contestant until a brief handshake at the Toastmasters International Convention. Just after the Convention ended, this new World Champion took the time to post a message on Rich’s FaceBook page. He thanked Rich for being a role model over the years (Rich has competed in numerous Region/Semi-Finals and in 2 WCPS contests) and said that Rich’s persistence served as inspiration to him to keep going while he had been competing over the last 10 years.

“You are a leader whether you think you are or not” – Rich Hopkins

He also had some awesome audience interaction where he demonstrated the power of teamwork and later illustrated how when people follow you, they can accomplish goals without necessarily doing things the same way you do.

After the event, I spoke to some of the 150+ members in attendance. They all had wonderful things to say about Rich:

“Rich is the best speaker I’ve seen at a District event”
“I’m so glad [District 22] brought him here today!”
“When will he be back?”
“I learned a lot from his coaching session”

For those of you that missed Rich, District 22 had his opening keynote captured by a professional videographer. We’ll be playing that at the 4 remaining D22 TLI events in January and February (Wichita, Topeka, Springfield and Liberty).

Learn more about Rich at www.richhopkins.com


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