The Benefits of Attending Toastmasters Leadership Insitute

By Sharon Horgan, DTM – TLI coordinator

My journey in Toastmasters began May, 2011. I visited one club and joined. I walked out wishing I had joined years, decades earlier.  From that moment on, the passion blossomed. Shortly after joining, I was giving my “Ice Breaker” where I remember the evaluator gave many positive notes in the evaluation,  my memory, and my manual says I was “breathy”.  This reminds me daily why I am in Toastmasters and why I continue to develop my speaking and leadership skills.

My interest in Toastmasters grew before, I knew it,  I became VP Membership.    What I discovered at my first Toastmasters Leadership Institute, “TLI”, is that there is more to Toastmasters than the club. While I love the club experience and enjoy filling every role at all the clubs, I have found attending my first TLI more energizing than the passion I felt joining!  I learned about contests, membership,  and that there was so much more for me to discover in Toastmasters.

Contest training motivated me to volunteer at my first area and division contests that fall. At the division contest I learned about the district conference.  I  have enjoyed every contest, conference and TLI that I have participated in.  I would have to say that each and every event taught me more, while discovering that there is so much more.  I have found TLI’s a new learning experiences at every session!

Today, I am the District’s TLI Chair, volunteering and leading, with the guidance of the Program Quality Director, Jim Christine, and too many volunteers to mention, to make each of our five sessions as successful for you as the TLI’s I have experienced!  If I think back to 2011, blogs, twitter, “meet up” were not in my vocabulary. IF I thought I knew the answers to creating a healthy club and stopped attending TLI’s, I would have missed developing my skills for 2015!  Understanding today’s member, working toward reaching the younger prospective member thru social media is a constant learning experience. Continual learning is what I most love about Toastmasters!

On Saturday, December 5, 2015, our keynote speaker will be Rich Hopkins. Rich’s address is entitled “Lead Anyway.” Find out how Rich reveals the many styles of leadership we follow, and personally portray, often without realizing it at all.

Along with Rich, and the officer sessions, we have the following sessions available:

Members can join “The New Member Experience”, or learn from attending “About Contests”. If your  focus is on improving your club experience for guests and members, join us at the “Moments of Truth”.

Corporate club members may enjoy participating in “Overcoming the Challenges of Closed Clubs”.

Our first TLI is event is December 5th, we will offer similar programs for the  4 TLI’s in January and February.

I personally invite you to discover and develop your leadership, I am confident it will be worth your investment in time!  Oh, I did I mention it is FREE?

Please link to our District’s page for details and registration information.Here!

Sharon Horgan


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