July 2015 Achievements


to the District 22 members who completed awards in July 2015. We have 2 new DTMs in Fred Gruhn! and Rex Pawlak! as well as 49 other awards submitted this month.

Note: Don’t forget the 10,000 Speeches program we’re running this year. Get your speeches in today!

Competent Communicator

Judy Salyers                        Don’t Stop Talking at DST                       L34         7/1/2015
Brenda Lowe                       Central Exchange Toastmaster Club     L34         7/1/2015
Michael Atwood                  BCBSKS Toastmasters                             T14         7/2/2015
Paul McDonald                   Yes We Can Toast Toastmasters Club   S71         7/2/2015
David Whitner                    Hear Me Out Toastmasters Club            R63         7/2/2015
Lauren Widman                 Cerner’s PowerSpeak IT                           R62         7/6/2015
Chad Johnson                     Cerner’s PowerSpeak IT                           R62         7/6/2015
Michael Logan                    Don’t Stop Talking at DST                       L34         7/16/2015
Elizabeth Capko                  Tri-Lakes Club                                            S72         7/16/2015
Bradley Hamilton               Suburban Club                                            K41         7/22/2015
Noelle Caldwell                   SPEAKEASY TOASTERS                          S75         7/22/2015
Angie Boedecker                 Don’t Stop Talking at DST                        L34         7/24/2015
Elsa Robey                           Fed Masters Toastmasters Club               L31         7/24/2015
Carole Vaughn                    KP Raconteurs                                             K41         7/27/2015
Jason Grammer                  Rx For Speaking                                          L34         7/30/2015
Aimee Rasmussen             Rivergate Toastmasters Club                    L34         7/30/2015

Advance Communicator Bronze

Bud Nicol                               T.G.I.F. Club                                                  S75         7/1/2015
Blake Hansen                        Bluejacket Toastmasters Club                   K41         7/2/2015
Joey Mahon                           The Bundlers                                                 A21        7/6/2015
Zach Hogya                            Lenexa Toastmasters Club                         K44        7/16/2015
Jonathan Melin                    Aero Achievers Toastmasters Club           A21        7/23/2015
Paul McDonald                    MarathonMasters Club                                S71         7/24/2015

Advanced Communicator Silver

Michael Arensberg               Aero Achievers Toastmasters Club          A21         7/15/2015
Rob Christeson                     Victory! Toastmasters Club                       K41         7/16/2015
Robert Runyan                     Sunrise Speakers Toastmasters Club       A22        7/20/2015

Advanced Communicator Gold – none in July

Competent Leader

Rob Christeson                      Victory! Toastmasters Club                      T12         7/1/2015
Danielle Wallace                   Wichita Downtown Club                           A22        7/1/2015
Angie Boedecker                   Don’t Stop Talking at DST                        L34         7/2/2015
Michael Logan                       Don’t Stop Talking at DST                        L34         7/2/2015
Sharon Mulroy                      A Taste of Success Toastmasters Club    R61         7/5/2015
Joey Mahon                           The Bundlers                                                A21         7/6/2015
Calvin Hilt                              The Bundlers                                               A21         7/6/2015
Kenneth McClendon            A Taste of Success Toastmasters Club    R61         7/7/2015
Kimberly Myers                    Hear Me Out Toastmasters Club              R63         7/8/2015
Sharon Mulroy                      AgMasters Toastmasters Club                  R61         7/8/2015
Palma Holden                        Manhattan Toastmasters                           T13         7/25/2015
Maslyn Prosper-Mayberry  Manhattan Toastmasters                           T13         7/28/2015
Mary Lacy                               Aero Achievers Toastmasters Club          A21        7/29/2015

Advanced Leader Bronze

Paul McDonald                     Yes We Can Toast Toastmasters Club      S71         7/1/2015
Rachel Briggeman               Top Box Toasters Club                                 L32         7/2/2015
Tony Barnes                          Northern Nights Club                                  L33         7/3/2015
Rob Christeson                     Downtown Club                                            L32         7/21/2015

High Performance Leadership (LDREXC)

Joan Brown                           Tower Talkers Club                                      R62         7/9/2015
Darren Yarbrough               Springfield Toastmasters Club                   S73         7/13/2015
Jeffrey Sullivan                    Don’t Stop Talking at DST                          L34         7/13/2015
Michael Arensberg              Aero Achievers Toastmasters Club           A21         7/20/2015

Advanced Leader Silver

Fred Gruhn                          Top Box Toasters Club                                  L32         7/2/2015
Joanne Monroe                   Don’t Stop Talking at DST                           L34         7/6/2015

Distinguished Toastmaster

Rex Pawlak                          Semi Pro Toastmasters Club                     A23          7/01/2015
Fred Gruhn                          Top Box Toasters Club                               L32          7/02/2015

Here is where you can see the report yourself – it’s updated daily.


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