Interesting District 22 Contest Facts

On August 15th, the Best Speakers in Toastmasters will get together to compete for the World Championship of Public Speaking in the dry heat of Las Vegas, Nevada. In honor of our competitor, Ed Young, we’ve compiled some interesting statistics about the International Speech (and other) Contests here in District 22.

More information on seeing the International Contest and Semi-Finals can be found on TI’s website here. Note: Ed Young will be competing on Thursday, 13 Aug at 2:30pm Pacific in Semi-Finals #3

Here’s some updated speech contest facts based on available records since 1980, updated 7/22/2015. Special Thanks to Paul McDonald (Division K Director) for compiling this information:

  • Ed Young is the only competitor to have won the same contest three times in different years (international in 2011, 2012, and 2015).
  • Ed Young and Wally Long are the only ones to win the same contest twice in a row (Ed in International for 2011 and 2012, Wally in International for 2013 and 2014).
  • Steve Tandy (2000 International Speech) won the Semi-Finals (called Regional at that time) and competed in the World Championship of Public Speaking.
  • Rick Chandler has won four district contests.  He has won one of each contest and recorded consecutive wins in 1996 International and Table Topics, followed by 1996 Humorous and Speech Evaluation.  He is the only Toastmaster on record in District 22 to have won all four contests.
  • Sue Janick, Shaun Bennett, Rob Zachritz, Ed Young, and Paul McDonald have each won 3 district contests.
  • Six people have won the same contest twice in different years:  Raymond Birkinsha and Wally Long in International; Sue Janick in Table Topics; Gary Hogsett in Humorous; Rob Zachritz and Paul McDonald in Evaluation.
  • A total of nine people have won two contests.
  • Kim Myers, Suzanne Conaway, Pat Steece, Dale McCurley, and Rob Christeson have all won a district contest and served as District Governor/Director (not in the same year, of course!)  Kim and Suzanne won contests first and then went on to District Governor, where Dale and Rob were District Governor first and then went on to win contests.
  • Rick Chandler and Heather Hawkins are the only competitors to win both categories at one conference.  Rick has done it twice, Heather has done it once.
  • Shaun Bennett spans the greatest time period of victories, from 1997 Table Topics to 2008 International (with 2007 Evaluation in between).
  • June Poplar, Dale McCurley, and Rob Christeson are the only contest winners to have also been awarded District Toastmaster of the Year.

You can see our winners on the D22 website.


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