Division K Announces Their Newsletter – K BLAST

Paul McDonald

Under the leadership of Paul McDonald, Division Director, Division K – the team is already starting their year strong. They are developing exciting programs, leading Club Officer Training Makeup Sessions, and developing recognition plans. Please meet the rest of the members of Division K:

Area K41 Director – Bruce Ridge

Area K43 Director – Rebecca Baker

Area K43 Director – Richard Hathaway

Area K44 Director – Sheri Berger

Here are some highlights from K Blast K-Blast July 2015

Why step up into leadership?

Volunteering is perhaps one of the most re-warding steps anyone can take in their personal and career life.

Here are 10  special reasons to step up into leadership in Division K:

  1. You will grow substantially as a leader
  2. You will grow dramatically as a communicator
  3. You will elevate yourself in the district
  4. You will learn TONS about Toastmasters
  5. You will have “Assistant Director” or “Administration Manager” on your resume
  6. You will meet hundreds of new people
  7. You will get to be one of the “cool kids” in the district, gaining access to perks and benefits
  8. You will raise up the members of your club to new levels
  9. You will be prepared for Area or Division Director on your way to DistinguishedToastmaster
  10. It’s a special chance to be a part of something great!

Club Officer Training make-up All times noon to 1:00 at YRC Freight, 10990 Roe Avenue, Overland Park, KS 66211

July 20: VPPR, Secretary, Treasurer

July 27: SAA, “catch all”

Other Activities
August 22: Area K42/K44 Speech Contests September 19: Division K Speech Contests

October 24: District 22 Fall Conference March 19: Division K Speech Contests April 29-30:

District 22 Spring Conference

Please Read the K-Blast Newsletter!


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