Revitalized Education Program – part 1


The Revitalized Education Program, or REP, will be coming to Toastmasters around the world towards the end of 2016.  This program consists of a substantial rewrite of our existing education materials, improving our already excellent program and providing a clearer path for our members to follow.

The new program will include a self-assessment, which will help identify current skill levels as well as skills you want to enhance. This assessment will help you determine your recommended learning path coming from one of the five disciplines listed below.

Note: Each of the five disciplines will launch with two available learning paths, for a total of 10 learning paths to choose from:

  • Public Speaking + Interpersonal Communication
  • Interpersonal Communication + Strategic Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication + Management
  • Public Speaking + Management
  • Public Speaking + Strategic Leadership

There are 14 projects for each learning path. Individual learning paths will have five levels, each increasing in complexity.

  • Level 1  Mastering Fundamentals (3 Required Projects)
  • Level 2  Learning Your Style (3 Required Projects)
  • Level 3  Increasing Knowledge (1 Required Project, 2 Elective Projects)
  • Level 4  Building Skills (1 Required Project, 1 Elective Project)
  • Level 5  Demonstrating Expertise (2 Required Projects, 1 Required Project)

The 58 projects TI has released to the Chief Ambassadors look very interesting. Some are enhancements to current project we are familiar with, such as The Icebreaker, Researching and Presenting, and Connect with Storytelling. Others are totally new and are based on topics members have been asking for, such as Manage Online Meetings, Create an Engaging Podcast, and Prepare for an Interview.

In the next segment, you’ll learn a bit more about the format for the new program (hint: not just paper manuals) and I’ll include answers to any questions posted below.

More info about the REP is available on the website here


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3 Responses to Revitalized Education Program – part 1

  1. Rob, you say “Each of the five disciplines will launch with two available learning paths, for a total of 10 learning paths to choose from”… will the other combinations be released sometime after launch, or will there always just be these 10 paths?

    • Angela, I asked that about a month ago, and TI’s response to that question was that there are not any additional learning paths planned at this time. I take that to mean they’d like to get the current planned paths out there and running, then assess what improvements would make the most sense for the future.

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