Moments of Truth

The new Toastmasters year has begun. New officers are working on their Club Success Plans.  Clubs should now do their first Moments of Truth session. This is a chance for your club to evaluate how it is doing. Essentially, your members are evaluating their club standards.

The Moments of Truth workshop runs an hour to an hour an a half. The facilitator can earn credit for their Advanced Leader Bronze award. Six standard are evaluated:

  • First Impressions
  • Program Planning and Meeting Organization
  • Membership Orientation
  • Membership Strength
  • Fellowship, Variety and Communication
  • Achievement Recognition

In essence, the club members are evaluating the clubs strengths and weakness in each of the six areas. The next step is to determine the plan to eliminate the weakness.. These should be recorded.  The bonus for the club leadership is that the members are helping to build the Club Success Plan as well.

Additionally, the Area Director Visit is based upon the Moments of Truth guidelines. Knowing them and understanding them, will help when your Area Director is doing their club visit.

Moments of Truth Chart


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