District Director’s Welcome

April Portrait small (2)
April Hendrickson, DTM, District Director, District 22

Hello Members of District 22!

As your new District Director, I am so excited for the New Year to start! On July 1st, we all start at the exactly the same place, at the bottom. We work our way up the Distinguished Club goals until we reach Distinguished. I love to think of it like this.

My theme this year is Helping the Member, as in making sure every member is getting what they pay for out of their membership. This theme will be the driving force for your District Officers in their quest to support your club and its members!

I believe by doing this and concentrating on our members experiences we will be able to find develop the future leaders in our clubs and the entire organization.

I want you to feel free to ask me any questions you would like and feel free to call me. I am here to help.

Also, I want to announce a new District Incentive:

Any member who earn an Advanced Leader Bronze Award by February 28, 2016 will receive a messenger bag from the Toastmasters store. The requirements for the ALB include a new Competent Communicator and a new Competent Leader and 6 months serving as a club officer, TLI (officer training) attendance plus any two presentations out of the Successful Club Series or the Leadership Excellence Series.

Messenger Bag

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