Chasing Success? Work Your Club Success Plan

As we enter our new Toastmasters Year, new club officers are settling into their new roles. Hopefully by now the officers have attended their Officer Training sessions and read the Club Leadership Handbook. Now is the time for club executive committee to have their first or second executive meeting and begin working on their Club Success Plan, CSP.

Put simply, the CSP is a project plan for how your team will work together. What standards you will be setting, how you will communicate, and what your values will be this year. In addition, the EXCO will begin to determine how their clubs will achieve President’s Distinguished Status. This means planning a path to meet all 10 of the Distinguished Club Program, DCP,  goals. Every member of the club should be involved, because in essence the DCP is a recognition of member achievements in leadership and education. It is a recognition of every member’s effort to grow club membership, and lastly, it is a recognition of the EXCO in completing training and administrative tasks.

All too often, clubs wait until the end of the year to scramble to meet the DCP goals. Sometimes this is because life gets in the way of Toastmasters, but it is also because we tend to procrastinate.

Share your CSP with your Area Director and every member of your club. Be transparent. Remind members of the goals you have set to achieve success.  The following are 10 factors that I use to succeed. Each is important. Use your Area Director to act as your club’s accountability partner. Share challenges and success with them. Do not wait until they visit, just share. Set an ambitious date for achieving your clubs goals – April 30. Then you can relax and begin training the next set of officers.

10 Factors for Success

  1. Visualize what success is
  2. Define what success is
  3. Set goals to success
  4. Establish target dates for each goal
  5. Prioritize the goals
  6. Review daily
  7. Find an accountability partner or two
  8. Meet with accountability partner on a regular basis
  9. Find a mentor
  10. Meet with mentor or a regular basis

DTMs Fall 2014

Napoleon Hill, in his classic book, THINK and GROW RICH, encourages us to visualize success. If you cannot dream it, you cannot achieve it is the mantra I hold dear. I can visualize being a your clubs as Presidents Distinguished clubs with all 10 goals met in the DCP.  Visualization helps you to define what you believe your success to be.


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