A New Toastmasters Year

District 22 can celebrate being a Distinguished District for the second year in a row. We were only 2 clubs short of being a Select Distinguished District again. As a member of Toastmasters, District 22, your district leadership celebrates your success. The only metric that Toastmasters has to determine the success of a club, is the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The success of a district is based largely on the success of the clubs within the district.

Jill Camper as Quiz Master

In essence, the DCP is a recognition of the success of a clubs members in fulfilling their goals. This recognition goes to the members of the club who earn education and leadership award, the officers who attend training and do their required administrative tasks, and all members who help the club grow members. All too often, as leaders, we hear club officers saying that they should ‘hold’ an award for next year. They talk future members out of pain for an extra month of membership. When we talk that future member out of paying for the last week of a month, we are saying that the Toastmasters program is not good enough to pay an extra six dollars. Please stop the madness. Take the membership, celebrate and vote the new member in, and assign them a mentor.

Bluejacket Toastmasters

The same holds true for turning in awards. When they are earned, they should be submitted. No questions asked – just do it. Excellent clubs bring in new members and they turn in awards. Being distinguished from one year to the new becomes easy. It happens because of the recognition for the member.  Many clubs really celebrate their success.

As your clubs work on their club success plan (CSP), share your goals, followup on the tasks required, remind your members of the status of your DCP.  Celebrate!  Share your CSP with your Area Director. Most of all – have fun and grow.


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