What’s on your agenda?

Rob Christeson, DTM
District Governor

What does your agenda tell your members and guests about your club?

If you aren’t putting your best foot forward with a quality agenda, you could be losing potential members, not to mention causing aggravation in your current members. Using a well-put-together agenda will help you stay on track better during your meetings and give an air of professionalism to your meetings.

How do you do it? It’s easy once you have a format your members can use time and again. Make sure to meet these basic requirements:

Show the flow of the meeting:
– Business
– Introductions
– Speeches
– Table Topics
– Evaluations
– Awards
– Announcements/next week’s roles
Include meeting info:
– Time/Date of meeting
– Club name and website/contact info
– Location (helps as a reminder for guests)
Include TI Logo
Include Club Mission

Below is an example one club uses, based on the new TI branded agenda. It was modified to increase the font size & readability. You can get the TI version here: (MS Word – B&W) (MS Word – Color).  They print well in either B&W or Color. What does your agenda say about your club?

(turning it into a jpeg casued the bottom to get cut off…sorry)


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2 Responses to What’s on your agenda?

  1. Sydney Steinbrueck says:

    Rob, With so many successul Toastmasters in your club, I would love to see the entire flow of your meeting. Is there any way you could send my a copy of the entire agenda. Ours is pretty sad and needs some definite help, which would also make our meetings run more smoothly. My email address is sydgrits@yahoo.com. Thank you.

  2. Raymond Zilliox says:

    Rob, I would also like a color copy of your agenda. I tried to follow the link and received an error message. My work email is raymond.zilliox@bnsf.com and my personal email is rczilliox@gmail.com. My work email might block your message. Thanks and God Bless!

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