Where Leaders are Made

Martha Hoffman, DTM
Lt Governor Marketing 

District 22 faces many challenges right now. We have clubs whose membership is below 12. These clubs qualify for a club coach. There are other clubs with membership in the 13-19 member range. They don’t qualify for an official coach but can use a boost to build the membership. That boost can be you.

What does the new tag line mean and how does it relate to our current situation? Leaders don’t evolve as a natural process. Pressure and timing and requirements interact on a person to build character and strength. How are leaders made? We step into leadership positions because we said, “I can do this” or “I need this” to move to the next level.

How do you develop as a leader? Step into a role as a club coach and deal with the pressure, timing and requirements to transform a club with low membership into a club that has 20+ members and active participation. That’s how leaders are made.

In my role as LGM I work with clubs who request a coach (and you don’t have to) to find them a coach. People who have completed their Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) and are working towards their AL Silver (ALS) are great candidates for club coach. It’s part of the requirements to obtain your ALS. If you want the opportunity to grow and to give your best to a club who can use your energy and direction, let me know that you would like to be a club coach.

Contact me at LGM@toastmasterr22.org if your club needs a coach or if you want to be a coach.


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