Karen Brice, ACB ALB
Club Dues Chair and Area L34 Governor

It’s that time again, time to renew your Toastmaster memberships dues.

Where has the time gone? Six months has just whizzed by and I just wrote that check!

If you are actively working the Toastmaster program this is a “no brainer” – your dues are paid! If you tend to write those checks every six months, I urge you to take this opportunity to view this as an annual event. Renew for the next year! In doing so, it’ll allows you to concentrate on your Toastmaster journey rather than be bogged down and revisiting the dollars and sense of it all.

Speaking of dollars and cents, have you actively thought about what a value the Toastmaster program really is? With annual dues of $72 – that calculates to just under $1.40 per meeting, for clubs meeting weekly. Each meeting is our own “personal laboratory” where we’re encouraged to practice and hone communication and leadership skills, all the while gaining confidence and building self esteem. We support and are supported by fellow members with similar goals and build lasting member relationships. Where else can you find such a value?

As each of you broach this time of renewal, reflect back on when you first joined Toastmasters. Why did you join? What were you looking for?

Have you grown? Have you enjoyed and do you value your Toastmaster journey?

Renew today and visualize where Toastmasters can take you in the future!

Follow this link to learn how TI puts your dues to work for you,
Club Treasurers,

When your club membership dues are received by TI by September 19th 2011, you will be eligible for a drawing among qualifying Club Treasurers.

1 winner will receive a $50 credit toward the Fall or Spring Conference.

2 winners will receive $25 credit toward the Fall Conference.

Area Governors,

When all your area clubs membership dues are paid in full by the September 30th 2011,

you will be eligible for a drawing among qualifying Area Governors.

4 winners will receive a $25 credit toward the Fall or Spring Conference.

Renew Today, Reinvest In Yourself! IT’S A “NO BRAINER”


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