Where Leaders are Made

Rob Christeson, DTM
District Governor

Where Leaders are Made. Our bold, new tagline brings a whole new dynamic to our already great curriculum.

The materials look different; the style is clean, the colors are sharp and vivid, and the look overall really grabs your attention. As you see these materials integrated into your clubs in the next few months, I’m sure you’ll agree that this move is one that will make our clubs and members stronger and more successful.

Today Toastmasters announced a long-anticipated change to the brand that has represented Toastmasters since 1924. On the Virtual Brand Portal, you can find the new logo, new fonts, and a complete brand manual to help you understand how to use the new elements. 

Tuesday night I had the opportunity to visit the new TI store and see all of the new items that you can see online here.

There are some of your old favorites, such as coffee mugs and shirts, and some new items with a whole new look. Also, the full-color new member pin is simply awesome! 

You have to check out the store, and place your orders now!

Also, at the branding workshop today, we saw the new copy of the Toastmasters magazine, the new Brand Manual for Club Leaders and samples of other items. I think that you’ll like the new look. 

Stay tuned! More will be added here as the convention progresses.


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