Speech Idea – Stolen from D46

I saw this in a newsletter (The 46 Insider) from District 46 in New York. It was werritten by their LGET, Penelope Boehm, DTM. If you want to read the whole article, titled Why Get Your CC?, it’s on Page 5 – http://www.toastmasters46.org/acrobat/newsletter/2010_12.pdf

If you are constantly being asked to increase your volume, or add pauses, or vocal variety, don’t let that keep you away from speech #6. Pick one thing that you can do – maybe choose a speech topic that has natural breaks in the information, and deliberately build a 5 second pause into those breaks. Again, if this has been an issue for you, your club members will recognize that achievement.

If you can’t think of a speech topic and you’re really feeling pressured and stuck, ask your VP Education if you can present a Better Speaker Series pre-written speech module on choosing a topic. By studying the material, you’ll not only help yourself, but you’ll share the valuable information with your club members – you’re probably not the only one struggling with this problem. It will get you up in front of the club speaking, and you can “save” the credit for giving that speech until you need it for your Advanced Communicator Silver award (just be sure your VPE completes and signs your evaluation).

Keeping the Promise


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