Club and Member Support

Helping members succeed is the main focus of every Toastmasters Club. But who helps the clubs to succeed? Of course, the members are the most important part of every club, and Toastmasters as a whole. In addition to the club members, other members have volunteered to help with club support, and those members are your District Officers.

Do you know who your Area Governor is? If not, check the contact list for the district and scroll down to your area to find out. With your Division Governor and other officers, those Area Governors are the first line of support for all 104 clubs in District 22.

To help with that support, we currently have openings for two positions in each of our six divisions. The Assistant Division Governor for Marketing and the Assistant Division Governor for Public Relations. (Note: the PR position in Division A is already filled)

These jobs are not “Alternate Division Governor” jobs, but have specific focus for supporting marketing and PR efforts in your geographical area. Below are short job descriptions.

Assistant Division Governor for Marketing
– Works with the Lt. Governor Marketing and PR team
– Helps division governor in implementing division programs to assist clubs and bring them up to 20 or more members
– Coordinates support of clubs with less than 20 members; assists area governors in finding club coaches for clubs with 12 or fewer members
– Attend all new-club demo meetings in your division (as possible w/real job requirements)
– Maintain list of potential Sponsors, Mentors, and Coaches in your Division

Assistant Division Governor for Public Relations
– Works with District Public Relations Officer (PRO) and  Marketing team 
– Works with Division Governor and Area Governors to support publicity efforts
– Maintain media list for your geographic area (newspapers, TV stations, and local Web resources)
– Assist PRO with Press Releases and scheduling local media activities

If you are interested, contact your Division Governor or Lt Governor of Marketing, Rhonda Green.


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