Holiday Theme

As we approach the Holiday season, it’s time to think about Toastmaster! Okay…not really. But in between all of your holiday cheer at Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas and the New Year, you may still be attending your club’s regular meetings. When you do, take the opportunity to inject some holiday cheer into your meetings!

1. Dinner meeting – change one of your meetings in December to a dinner meeting at a local restaurant. Hold your meeting as usual, but with food service. Bring the family and include them in Table Topics.

2. Open house/theme meeting – Invite guests and let them know now is the time to get a jump on that New Years Resolution they’ve been contemplating. If they start now, it won’t be just another resolution, but something they started early, and something they can stick with.

3. Multi-Club event – get with another club or two in your local area and run a combined meeting. Try to have facilitators from each club, and speakers and evaluators from different clubs too.

NOTE: Any of these activities can earn you credit in one of the harder-to-complete projects of your CL manual.

If you can’t pull off one of these ideas in the next month, don’t despair! Use this month to set up something for January. Start the planning TODAY! Do the scheduling and planning now, and you can start 2011 off with a bang! Happy Thanksgiving!


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