VP of Education: Serving the Members

Are you involved as the VP of Education? Here are a couple of tips that you can use to make a difference and help your members reach their goals:

1. Speak to your members about their goals. Not just for the Club Success Plan, but for your member’s benefit as well! Don’t focus on June 30th; instead focus on the members individual goal. Talk to them about setting a date for that next manual completion, and work with them to make it happen!

2. Track their progress. Use an Excel spreadsheet that lists all of your members, their CC or AC progress and their CL progress. When you initial the back of their manual, update your spreadsheet. Keep a printed copy at meetings and update the on-line version every few weeks.

3. Care. Nothing says “who are you, again?” like telling the member they are essentially just an important number in your DCP (Distinguished Club Program) status. You and I know you don’t mean it that way, but sometimes that is what the member hears. Make sure they know that you care about their progress because you care about their progress. Oh, by the way, keep track for the DCP too. It’s good to know where you and your club are in that process, I’m just saying you’ll be more successful at helping others succeed if they feel that your motivation is helping them succeed.

As VP of Education, if you show interest in your members success you can make a huge difference in who stays, who grows, and who succeeds. Now is a great time to renew that focus on your members and help them see the advantage of maintaining their membership in your club.

E-mail me at contact@robchristeson.com for a copy of my Excel tracking sheet.


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