The case for a strange idea

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Here’s an interesting idea I read about from another district’s website.

Club Spies 

What is it? It is where members of a Toastmasters club visit and temporarily join another (low member) club. They bring new ideas to the club and take some new ideas back to their home club.

Let’s define a few things:

Low member – less than 20 members
Temporarily – Join in June for $18 (plus club dues, if applicable), and plan to not renew with that additional club in October
Join – Pay the dues and show up to (and participate in) 75% of the meetings from now through September

More members attending meetings – when guests come, they see a better meeting, and are more likely to want to be a part of it.
The temporary members could each bring one guest per month. In July, August and September that would equal 3-4 additional guests per member
More speaking opportunities for the spies
New evaluations for the existing and new members

It seems artificial – at least to those that think this is a ploy to manufacture district membership payments

hmmm… is that the only con?

I guess one other is this: those members could join and never show up, doing it just for the numbers. That would be artificial, which is not the same as the idea describes.

Essentially, this idea is a way to provide temporary coaches to clubs that need them. These wouldn’t be official club coaches, but they would provide a shot in the arm to help clubs be more successful.

Here are a few stipulations:
I only think this will make a difference if 4-7 people join a given club. As long as 5-6 show up on a weekly basis, then it could have value.
This is not a ploy to get membership payments: The district needs 400+ payments to reach its goal. This won’t cover that by any means.
This is a way to help non-distinguished clubs make it over that hump. That’s not such a bad thing.

Some clubs that could use this help

Club #
Club Name
Sit, Stay, Speak Toastmasters Club
9177 Excellent Toastmasters Club 16 2
3066 Olathe Sunrise Speakers Club 16 9
9715 Emerald City Club 16 8
99 Downtown Club 16 5
6297 Via Christi Club 15 3
2654 Lenexa Toastmasters Club 15 7
793002 Cerner’s PowerSpeak IT Toastmasters Club 15 3
961002 Pro-MO 15 9
7812 Temple Club 15 7
643915 Yes We Can Toast Toastmasters Club 15 8
8409 Federal Expressions Club 15 4
392 Tower Talkers Club 14 3
2301 Leavenworth Club 14 8
7532 Money Talks Toastmasters Club 13 1
9975 Colleagues Of Wisdom Club 13 5
953433 I’M A Toastmaster 13 5
630 Grand Masters Club 13 3
4750 Spirit Of Liberty Toastmasters Club 13 5
1335 One Main Club 13 2
735666 Greater Joplin Toastmasters Club 13 3
2570 Manhattan Toastmasters 13 4

So, what can you do?

Go to and put in the club number of one of the above clubs. Or put in your zip code to see what clubs are nearby.

Contact the club and let them know you plan to visit.

Visit the club and decide. Can you help? What will you learn?

Join and participate in your second club. Give speeches. Bring Guests. See how it goes…


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  1. cyndra melville says:

    This is an interesting idea worth pursuing.

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