The Advantage of Conference Attendence

Confidence. Leadership. Service. – That is our International theme this year, and it truly encapsulates what we can gain, and how we can help others gain through membership in Toastmasters.

There are a number of ways we can see the Advantage of our Toastmasters Membership, and each one speaks to each of us a bit differently. Attending our May 1st conference can give you some great tools to improve your learning, and expose you to some advantages, old and new, to use to improve your experience in and out of Toastmasters:

Manual Speeches – Progression as a speaker, improvement in our delivery and confidence.

Club Officer roles – Progression as a leader, helping others and making our own club environment better.

District Leadership – The opportunity to serve and help others achieve their goals.

Contest participation – The chance to see our best in action, and the opportunity to speak in front of bigger audiences.

Club Ambassador program – The chance to network, see other clubs in action and speak in front of a new audience.

District Conference – See the best our district has to offer in six outstanding educational sessions and three inspiring keynote presentations, plus our best contest speakers in an exciting and fun environment. Oh yeah, good food and a chance to network with members throughout the district.

International Convention – See, meet, and learn from the best in the world.

There is still time to register and attend the District Conference this spring. Download the registration form here.


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