Run a Simple Membership Building Contest in your Club

It’s time to consider your club’s plan for the coming membership campaign, Beat the Clock. The annual Beat the Clock campaign runs from 1 May – 30 June 2010. There are a number of advantages to running a membership contest in your club during this campaign:

  1. Increased involvement in your club
    –          More members means more diversity in speeches and evaluations
    –          Members running or helping with the contest can use the CL Manual for support and take credit for the appropriate project
    –           Additional speech ideas for your members (i.e. “What I learned from our membership contest” or “How to run a successful membership campaign”)
    –          More members can also mean less double duty for meeting roles
  2. Cubs adding five new, dual or reinstated members during these two months receive a Beat the Clock ribbon from TI to display on the club’s banner. You will also earn a coupon for 10% off your clubs next orser from TI.
  3. for a VP of Membership, this can lead into your transition plan and allows you to finish your year as VP on a high note!

First Step: Your Club VP of Membership (or any interested member) gives 5-7 minute speech in April
 – “How you can benefit from a membership contest” 
     • How our club benefits from increased membership
     • More Speeches – More Fun
     • Free Stuff for you! 

Use this opportunity to encourage one member to work on Project 8 in their CL as Membership Contest Chairperson

Next Step: The Chairperson announces Membership Contest to coincide with TI Beat the Clock Campaign (May/Jun)
 – Member with most guests will receive a TM Mug/Certificate
 – Any member with 5 or more guests receive TM Keychain
 – Be creative with your ideas!
Contest Chairperson recruits assistant to help track guest attendance and print certificates (credit for CL Project 6)
Rinse – Repeat with new speech in July – Contest Aug/Sep
  – Project assistant becomes Aug/Sep Chairperson
  – New project assistant in Aug/Sep can be Chairperson in Feb/Mar
  – Feb/Mar project assistant will be ready for May/Jun Contest

Lastly, look at your membership renewals: chase down those last two or three members that were on the fence about renewing. Remind them of the advantages of continued membership, and get them back on board!


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One Response to Run a Simple Membership Building Contest in your Club

  1. Cassi Winz says:

    Cool, thanks. I look forward to our membership building activities it gives current members a shot of energy.

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