Area Governor PR Challenge

At our most recent District 22 DEC meeting, I challenged our Area Governors to pick one club in their area to give a little extra PR effort to. Those of you that are serving as Club Coaches or Club Sponsors/Mentors have already made that choice. Great Job! For the rest, you can provide an additional shot in the arm to your lowest member club (even if they have 17 members) by assisting them with a specific Public Relations effort. How you choose to meet this challenge is up to you, but I’m providing you a suggested way to go.

By the way: Don’t look for no! Don’t “ask to help.” Tell them it’s your job as an AG to assist their club and you intend to help them with a PR campaign. Be Bold! Your goal here is two-fold: 1 – get them back on the map (or more visible), and 2 – show them the way to help themselves. Plus, you might get a little better at the PR thing in the process. Win-Win!

 One way to do it:

Pick a Club to help (i.e. the lowest member club in your area without a coach assigned)

Look at their Website, and do a Google search to see how visible they are (including local newspaper articles/announcements)
–          Feel free to e-mail me, our PRO, and your Division Governor if you have questions, need a format for something, or want to discuss specific ideas for a specific club
–          Look at their location on the “MapIt” function. If it is not accurate, let me know and I can forward you instructions on how to fix it

Speak to the Club President and VP of PR – tell them you’re going to help them with a PR effort for their club
–          Ask if they have an idea, or something they’d like help with already
–          Ask what they have done for PR so far

  • Website
  • Company or Local newspaper
  • Boards
  • Advertise at local library

–          Pick a project, and ask them to help you (so they can run the next one themselves)

  • Schedule some time (30 minutes) in the next two weeks to discuss the project (i.e. over lunch)
    • Bring a copy of their current website and a couple of example sites
    • Ask them to bring the latest edition of the company newspaper
    • Bring a copy of another Toastmasters article/announcement from the local paper/website
  • Create a joint plan that involves you and one or both of them doing some of the tasks
    • Set some near-term dates for next actions to be completed
    • Know your vision for what the finished product will look like
    • Meet again as necessary to move forward

–          Once you’ve finished, don’t forget to get your CL manuals filled out for Project 6 or 8 (as applicable)
–          E-mail ME! Let me know what you did and how it went.

By helping out that one club with one project, you can make a real difference in the lives of real people in the short and long term. Unleash Your (and your club’s) Possibilities!


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