Making the visit – Spring 2010

As an Area Governor, one of your goals is to make a minimum of 2 visits per year to each club in your area. We’re at the point in this year where you should be scheduling your spring visits (Feb – Apr). Along with offering your support and discussing successful club trends, there are a couple of additional things I’d like to invite you to consider for this coming visit:

1. Offer to give a presentation during your visit. Give the club a few weeks notice and 3 choices of topic. Plan to offer a 5-7 or 8-10 minute speech, and make sure you stick to what they request. For your 3 topic choices, consider the following list (tailored for your own experience):
Evaluate to Motivate (Successful Club Series)
Finding New Members for Your Club (Successful Club Series)
Setting the Stage for Success: Meeting Roles and Responsibilities (Successful Club Series)
Closing the Sale (Successful Club Series)
Know your Audience (Better Speaker Series)
Goal Setting and Planning (Leadership Excellence Series)
An advanced manual speech on a TM topic you’re comfortable with

2. Mention coming district events: Area contest, Division contest and District Conference. Bring dates and location information. Bug your Division Governor this week for their contest date/location. Don’t plan to just mention the website, be ready to give directions from their current location. Also! Ask when their club contest is going to be and how they are planning to publicize it.

3. Remember, you are the District. If a club says “We wish the district would do <insert idea>.” Remember your first thought is, how could I do that? Sure, you may need help to make something happen. I only mention this because we see visit reports that say something like “The club would like a visit from the District” or “They would like the District to help with their club contest.” Both of those are you. Find out the specifics, i.e. “The club has asked for our support at their next contest. I’ve volunteered to be a judge and I’m looking for two others to do the same.”

Being a district officer is both challenging and rewarding. Take these visit opportunities to help make a positive impressions in your clubs, and to let them know that the district cares. We do, you do, and they should know it. Together we can help them all Unleash Their Possibilities.


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One Response to Making the visit – Spring 2010

  1. John Mulroy says:

    The Spring visit is also a great time to remind the clubs of the upcoming Districtwide elections. As Area Governors, you should be aware of the nominating and election process. Remind the clubs of the voting/proxy process – how it works, why it is important, etc.

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