Relate to your Public

Rob Christeson, DTM
Lt. Governor Marketing, District 22

We’ve had a good start to 2009-2010 and we managed to work through some continued adversity with layoffs affecting many clubs district-wide. We can continue to support each other and make this a strong year!

With the Smedley Challenge behind us, you may think that membership is not something to worry about until after the holidays. Perhaps you’re not feeling like running a membership contest back to back with the Smedley. That’s okay! No…really. You don’t have to have continuous membership contests and drives and hullubaloozas and all of that. In fact, you know that I’ll be informing you of the next TI membership contest, Talk Up Toastmasters, pretty soon (Feb 1 – Mar 31).

You may be thinking, the Marketing Dude is tricking us. No, I say. Instead, shift your focus to start a public relations campaign now! There are a number of advantages to running a PR campaign over the coming holidays:

1. Increased exposure for your club
– More PR means more exposure and more people learning about your club
– Members running or helping with the campaign can use the CL Manual for support and earn credit for the appropriate project
– Additional speech ideas for your members (i.e. “What I learned from our PR campaign” or “How to run a successful Public Relations campaign”)
– More advertising now can also mean less work for your next membership contest

2. For the club’s Public Relations VPs, it’s never too late to build your PR team to continue to make your year as VP a success!

3. Free help. See the links at the bottom or contact me for help.

I look forward to continuing a  great year serving the clubs in District 22, and working with you and your clubs to achieve success, and Unleash Your Possibilities!

Important fast facts:
Membership forms are free from TI – include a pack of 20 in every order you place through TI
If you need an app in a hurry – Print it from TI’s web site
Free Membership Building Resources from Toastmasters
A copy of the IceBreaker Speech is back on TI’s site
Current Membership Building flyer
Membership building – AKA Success 101
Membership Building Contest
New Club Information


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