Toastmasters semi-annual dues this month!

September is the time to submit your semi-annual dues to Toastmasters International. By now over 100 Club Treasurers district-wide should have begun collecting dues from their members. I think it’s important that we don’t think of this as an obligation, but as an investment in our personal and professional futures.

When you’re getting ready to write that check, think about everything you will accomplish in the next six months:

1. Increased confidence – giving speeches helps your confidence grow.
2. Increased competence – even if you’ve finished your DTM, working on another CC or AC award can help you polish your technique.
3. Economic resiliance – no promises here, but I can tell you that when I was laid off in February of this year, it made a difference to me to have made so many professional contacts throughout town thanks to my involvement in Toastmasters. Not to mention, I nailed an interview a few months later and am now employed again.  By the way, I am not an isolated case in our district.

Remember,  dues should be turned in this month (September) to be on-time to Toastmasters. However, every club that has their dues in by 15 September will qualify for a drawing to give their club Treasurer a $25 credit towards the fall conference in Topeka 20-21 November 2009.

Keep your membership current, keep moving toward your goals and your club goals, and above all keep Unleashing your Possibilities!


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