Competent Leadership results from TLI

If you had lunch at one of the four Saturday TLI (Toastmaster Leadership Institute) events in either Wichita, Springfield, Topeka, or Kansas City, you probably participated in a “Facilitating Discussions” manual discussion about the Competent Leadership (CL) manual. Each discussion centered around methods to help the members of our clubs be more successful by incorporating the CL manual into their regular meetings. The discussions yielded three ideas that seemed to be the best methods to support the CL manual:

1. Make it an agenda item and/or a meeting role.  For a meeting role, you could have one person as the “CL Manual Master” at each meeting, and that person would evaluate, or find help to evaluate all of the CL manuals at that week’s meeting.

2. Educate the club on the CL manual requirements.  This could be done by providing a CL matrix to each member, and having members give speeches to the club about how to complete the CL manual.

3. Recognition through ribbons and progress charts.  This generated a lot of discussion as to how best to recognize the accomplishment of completing a CL manual. TI provides some nice ribbons for 60 cents apiece. Also, the option of presenting certificates and using the TI provided completion certificate could make a great opportunity for formal recognition at the club level.

Across all of the TLIs, these three ideas were considered the best for helping our members achieve greater success with the CL manual. I encourage each of you to consider these options for your club, talk about them at your next executive council meeting, and lets make our members and clubs more successful in the coming year.


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